The Board of Trustees purchased and installed a 48-unit columbarium for cremains in December, 2018.

Columbarium spaces are now available for sale. A space or niche is $750.00. A niche is a one cubic foot square space. A space is limited to two containers of cremains.

The following are our columbarium rules and regulations. They are in addition to and are a part of our Rules and Regulations revised and dated 02-07-2019:

IV. Columbarium.
A. Niches in the columbarium are intended for the internment of human cremains only. Only two cremain containers can be located in a niche.

B. Cremains must be in a non-corrosive, non-degradable, sealed container such as plastic, metal, ceramic, etc. Cardboard, wood, or other organic containers are not approved. The container(s) must be able to fit inside the niche.

C. Etching is permitted only on the granite cover. All covers will have the same font/template for consistent appearance. No symbols, religious or otherwise may be placed on the cover. The cover will consist of the name of interred, date of birth, date of death, and the marriage date, if applicable.

D. At their sole expense, the family will work directly with a monument company, designated and approved by the Board of Trustees, to avoid misspellings and incorrect information.

E. Jacksonville Monument Company, 330 E. State Street, Jacksonville IL, is the designated and approved entity that the family should coordinate with regarding the content of the etching on the niche cover. They may be contacted 217-245-2514 or and

F. The Board of Trustees retains absolute and final approval of the content and design of all covers before engraving and installation.

G. Bronze plaques or any other signage or displays are not allowed on the columbarium.

H. Floral arrangements are permitted at the time and internment and will be removed 14 days thereafter or sooner if deemed to be a nuisance.

I. Florals arrangements, hanging baskets and other decorative items are not allowed on or around the columbarium.