Sangamon County, Illinois


(Revised 02-11-2021)



The following are hereby adopted by the Board of Trustees of Wood Wreath Cemetery Association as the rules and regulations governing said cemetery.


I.          Lot Ownership:


A.              Application for ownership of a lot shall be made to the Secretary or his or her designee, accompanied by full payment of the amount, as determined from time to time by the Trustees, required for purchase thereof.  Upon receipt of such application and payment, the President and Secretary of the Association shall execute and deliver a deed for the lot.


B.              A burial plot owner shall be owner only of a right or easement for burial purposes of one (1) human body or three (3) human cremains, and for no other purpose.  As a rule, a burial plot is measured 4 feet by 10 feet (4’ x 10’).  In no circumstances will a burial plot be greater than 5 feet by 10 feet (5’ x 10’).


C.              Fee simple ownership of the underlying real estate shall be and remain in the Association.


D.              No owner of any lot shall allow an interment thereon for remuneration.


E.               No transfer of ownership of a lot shall be valid unless and until the transfer is recorded in the records maintained by the Secretary.


F.               No person shall have the right to resell a lot to the Association or to receive refund of any part of the purchase price of the lot.


G.              Lot owners shall have the right to erect any proper stone, monument, or sepulchral structure thereon, except that no slab shall be more than four feet high or less than four inches thick, and all corner or designating stones shall be at ground level. All parts of any stone, monument, or sepulchral structure that is above ground level shall be of cut stone, granite, or marble. All such stones, monuments, and structures shall be properly placed on a foundation at least three feet (3’) deep from ground level. Further, all such stones shall be placed facing east, at the west end of the lot, and in line, north and south, with the stones located on the lots to the north and south.  Foot stones are permitted at ground level only.


H.              There shall be no mausoleums or other forms of above­ground disposition of bodies at any place in the cemetery.


I.                Permanent tree or floral plantings are prohibited.  No lot owner shall remove or heavily trim back any tree growing or encroaching upon his or her lot. The Trustees may, in their discretion, remove or trim back any tree, shrub, or plant on any lot, if deemed by the Trustees to be detrimental to any lot or avenue in the cemetery, inconvenient to visitors, or unsightly.


J.                Floral arrangements, including hanging baskets, both fresh and artificial are welcome anytime.  All worn, faded or weathered floral arrangements will be removed without further notice or fifteen days after a funeral, whichever the case may be. Christmas wreaths and grave blankets are permitted beginning at the Thanksgiving Holiday and will be removed between February 15th and March 1st, weather permitting.


K.              The Trustees shall have the right to remove any sign, structure, or other item from any lot that is not permitted herein and to remove any inscription on any lot, if any of the same be deemed by the Trustees to be offensive or to be injurious to the appearance of the cemetery.


L.               No lot owner shall raise or depress the level of the surface of his or her lot, except for such temporary period as necessary for settlement after a burial.


II.        Interments.


A.              No interment, full body or cremains, shall be made on any lot in the cemetery without first obtaining a permit from the appropriate government agency and from the Secretary.


B.              No interment of a an embalmbed body shall be made unless within a wood or metal casket, with such casket to be enclosed in a vault or other suitable enclosure made of concrete or other non-corrosive, non-deteriorating material at a depth of at least 4.00 feet.


C.              Green Burials are permitted, subject to:

·       Receipt of a Burial Permit from an Illinois Licensed Funeral Director specifically noting that no environmentally harmful embalming fluids have been used to preserve the body

·       The body buried at least 6.00 feet deep

·       The body is to be placed in a cloth shroud, wicker basket or wooden box


D.              Cremains must be buried to a depth of at least 3.00 feet. 


E.               No disinterment shall be made without the consent of the Trustees, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld.


F.               Any body or cremains interred in violation of these Rules and Regulations is subject to dinterrment by the Trustees.


G.              The Sexton shall open and close all graves, including those for cremains.





III.       Operation of Cemetery.


A.              Lot owners and visitors may enter the cemetery at any hour between sunrise and sunset. No persons shall remain in the cemetery after sunset unless by consent of the Trustees.


B.              No vehicle shall pass along the avenues of the ceme­tery at a speed greater than five (5) miles per hour, and no vehicle shall be driven off an avenue, except for parking of a vehicle alongside an avenue and except as necessary for digging a grave, preparing for or conducting a funeral, or delivering and setting up a stone or vault.


C.              No persons shall write upon, deface, or injure any structure, monument, stone, fence, or plant located in the cemetery.


D.              No persons shall, by making of noise or by any offensive or improper conduct, disturb the peace, quiet, and good order of the cemetery.


IV.       Columbarium


A.              Niches in the columbarium are intended for the internment of human cremains only.  Only two cremain containers can be located in a niche.


B.              Cremains must be in a non-corrosive, non-degradable, sealed container such as plastic, metal, ceramic, etc.  Cardboard, wood, or other organic containers are not approved.  The container(s) must be able to fit inside the niche.


C.              Etching is permitted only on the granite cover.  All covers will have the same font/template for consistent appearance.  No symbols, religious or otherwise may be placed on the cover.  The cover will consist of the name of interred, date of birth, date of death, and the marriage date, if applicable.


D.              At their sole expense, the family will work directly with a monument company, designated and approved by the Board of Trustees, to avoid misspellings and incorrect information.


E.               Jacksonville Monument Company, 330 E. State Street, Jacksonville IL, “JMC” is the designated and approved entity that the family should coordinate with regarding the content of the etching on the niche cover.  JMC may be contacted 217-245-2514 or or


F.               The Board of Trustees retains absolute and final approval of the content and design of all covers before engraving and installation.


G.              Bronze plaques or any other signage or displays are not allowed on the columbarium.


H.              Floral arrangements are permitted at the time and internment and will be removed 14 days thereafter or sooner if deemed to be a nuisance.


I.                Florals arrangements, hanging baskets and other decorative items are not allowed on or around the columbarium.


V.        Amendment.


These Rules and Regulations may be amended by the Board of Trustees of Wood Wreath Cemetery at any regular meeting thereof or at any spe­cial meeting called for the purpose of making such amendment; provided, however, that notice of any proposed amendment shall be given to all Trustees, in writing, at least fifteen days prior to such meeting.


These Rules and Regulations are adopted this the 11th day of  February, 2021.




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